"Rotate 360" Patent


DETEC create a eyelet to equip with carbon rim's spoke hole. It protect the drilled hole against nipple's strength, meanwhile, DETEC's rim drill 5.1mm hole to allow of nipple to rotate around 360 degrees without extra stress or bend on the nipples or spokes. This amazing design maintain your wheel's tension balance !


"Special Brake Pads"


DETEC's carbon rims must only use special brake pads as including inside of wheel set carton to protect carbon rim. ("DH pad" logo)

After test, when braking to rise temperature over 200℃ will cause carbon tire ditch getting weak and destroy original structure strength. So, we strongly recommend riders to use special brake pads which design for carbon rim use !


"Metal Support" Patent



Regarding to full carbon clincher rims are too weak and it is easy break while tire puncture! So Detec has created a light Welded alloy blend hoop integrated into carbon tire ditch. The main advantage of this technology is to protect clincher rim against impact, it give rim more higher strength, allowing higher pressures than usual full carbon clincher rims.


"Inflate 130PSI"


DETEC's carbon rim - clincher type always test with 150PSI. To ensure the safety,  we recommend users to inflate till 130PSI for the maximum.


"Hand Assemble"


Professional craftsman hand build the wheels to ensure the quality and the tolerance under 0.2mm. This provides the very high levels of stiffness and guarantees best performance.


"Inertia Design"


The carbon wheels should have inertia design, you will find 2 or 3 points of weight allocation and averagely inside of carbon rims to help the rotary movement of the wheels.


S.N.C. brake solution



215℃ TG Resin composed of purify silica and carbon nano-tube with cool fiber to transfer high temperature scattered over the air. We strongly remind all riders attaching the original ("DH pad" letter & color black or blue) of special pads for your biking. When facing long distance of down hill road, don't continue brake over 60 second, and keep over 30 second for cooling before next brake. Carbon rims will getting weak during 200℃ more than 120 second !